Our insect protection systems we can offer you an effective service which provides effective protection against this scourge.


Tenter Frame

Perfect for windows which are only opened or tilted for ventilation.
No assembly required.
Thanks to a practical hanging device the tenter can be removed easily at any time.

Available in different variations and options.

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Rotating elements

Insect screen rotating elements come as a solid strong construction ideal for frequently used passages such as front doors, kitchen doors etc.

Rotating doors open in one direction swing doors open both ways inwards and outwards.

Cat and dog flaps are available as an option.

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Roller blinds

Solid, safe and very easy to handle. Various qualities and types are available!

Whether it is about the simple blind or the high standard blind with a ratchet - it glides upwards soft and silently.
It prevents the blinds from getting damaged by bouncing up.

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Sliding elements

Comfortable solution for small  and big openings.

Requirement: 2 or more window sashes or  door sashes

Suitable for winter garden, balkony or terrace doors and even for windows.

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Plisse The plisse from ISP-Zürisee is perfect for big winter garden doors, even for small openings if there is not enough space available to slide a solid frame or to swing a sash.

New! The new plisse is available up to 3,5 metres width without a sash bar!

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Light well covers

No more cleaning of light wells!
No more bugs, spiders, mice, frogs, leaves and dirt! The frame profile is very flat
and folded back on the sides, provided with a stainless V2A steel net.
This system is accessible and can also be used for foyer and terrace areas.

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